About Us

The Micah Centre is an interdisciplinary initiative which was established at The King’s University, for the purpose of fostering greater understanding and action among students, faculty and the community at large around issues of global poverty, peacemaking, and social justice.

It aims to bring the claims of the Hebrew prophet, “to love justice, to show mercy, and to walk humbly with God,” into the global context of unrelenting hunger, massive displacement of people from their homes, children at war, HIV/AIDS, globalized inequalities, and environmental destruction.

Through internships, conferences, special lectures, partnerships and a host of other activities, the Micah Centre explores the implications of seeking justice in today’s global context, and provides students with interdisciplinary and experiential learning, especially about the multiple causes and consequences of poverty and holistic and transformational responses to it.

“I used to think people needed food, participatory democracy, income generation – not more ‘Good News’. Yet God’s Good News is food, clothing for the naked, good government for the oppressed, and business cooperatives for the poor.”
Jonathan de Koning, Haiti

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