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The papal obsession with getting close and concrete

The Pope’s “El Pais” interview was about many things yet mainly about one: the need for the Church to be close to people, and concrete. Francis is convinced that the greatest threat to the contemporary age is gnosticism, which shows…
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There are not Two Sides

Article, “There are not Two Sides”  by Kate Kooyman From   “…ignorance can often be propagated under the guise of balanced debate.” Sometimes there just aren’t two sides. Or perhaps there are two sides, it’s just that one is…
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The Three R’s

Lewis Cardinal: “The Three R’s: Reconciliation, Reparation, & Relationship”    

Prayer for Peace

PRAYER FOR PEACE A poem by Melle Huizenga Baghdad, Kabul, Paris Palestine, Kosovo, Beirut Syria, Iraq, Kinshasa, Damascas The names are music conjuring up exotic history But the reality is a bitter wind Whistling through a million skulls. Here the…
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Overcoming Evil with Good

Overcoming Evil with Good (a sermon for Remembrance Day on Romans 12:9-21) Posted on November 16, 2015 by timchesterton   This sermon was preached by Tim Chesterton, Edmonton Ecumenical Peace Network Vice-Chair, at the recent Prayer Service for Peace at…
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Deep Creek Poetry Book. Order now.

Deep Creek is a book of poetry and photography that tells the story of a journey to Quebrada Honda, Honduras, while exploring the themes of time, change, and love. To order your copy, click here: This book of poems by…
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Roy Berkenbosch Honoured as a ROOPF 2014 Finalist

We are very proud because last week Roy Berkenbosch was honoured as a ROOPF 2014 finalist by Homeward Trust. The event took place at the Westin downtown. ROOPF, in case you don’t know, stands for “Recognizing Outstanding Organizations and People…
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