Violence and Social Breakdown: The Redemptive Role of Youth Today

Dan Muthui and Miriam Mahaffy are students connected to the Micah Centre who are writing a blog called  Violence and Social Breakdown: The Redemptive Role of Youth Today.  It’s title is informed by the theme of an assembly they attended in Honduras in August organised by Christian Reformed Church of North America (CRCNA) which brought together regional young leaders, missionaries, and representatives from partner organizations and churches in Latin America to explore the subject of social breakdown, youth involvement in violence, crime, and other harmful behaviours, and engage participants in sharing about creative responses that are being carried out in their jurisdictions as well as conceive and birth other redemptive actions that the youth can take to tackle the challenges facing them.

The gathering presented a valuable opportunity for cross cultural exchange as representatives from North America engaged in rich dialogue with their counterparts in Latin America. The blog shares their reflections on the subject and invites friends and strangers alike into the conversation.  Their hope is to move the insights gained from the gathering into our communities and to involve our communities in responding redemptively to the plight of the world’s  youth.

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